Guitar Lessons in Palm Springs and Beyond

BassLine Music offers a range of fun and practical guitar lessons in La Quinta and the surrounding areas. Owner and teacher Mikael Jacobson is adept and nimble at teaching both adults and children. Learn on your own via Skype, Zoom, or FaceTime when you choose to explore your musical capabilities with BassLine Music.

Guitar Lessons for Every
Age, Stage, and Ability

Music is meant to be enjoyed. Whether you’re a young aspiring classical guitarist or a lifelong learner who simply wants to master your favorite song, our one-on-one guitar lessons in Palm Springs will help you exceed your goals. BassLine headteacher Mikael is not only a classically trained multi-instrumentalist, but he’s also an industry professional with a host of impressive accolades.

Learn to play the guitar from a music teacher that lives and breathes music. Our adult guitar lessons and guitar lessons for children are just as enjoyable as they are constructive; no matter your preferred style of learning.

Online Guitar Lessons in
Rancho Mirage and Beyond

During this enduring new normal, BassLine Music remains committed to the musical interests and aspirations of the students in Palm Desert, Cathedral City, Indio, and all of Palm Springs. Keep your progress accelerating and your interest alive with private online guitar lessons for yourself or your child.

Why Choose BassLine?

When it comes to guitar lessons in the Coachella Valley, BassLine music learning environment sets the industry benchmarks for experience, outcomes, and, most importantly, fun!

Personalized Lessons

Whether you’re more comfortable learning to play the guitar in a group setting or a private one, we work to accommodate your preferences. At BassLine music, we understand that learning to play an instrument is not-one-size-fits-all. In his tenure, Mikael has mastered multiple styles of teaching his students of all skill levels.

Flexible Scheduling

Learn the music you love on your own time. Your music lessons should add beauty to your life, not disrupt every aspect of it. Even if you believe you or your child’s schedule is too busy to accommodate guitar lessons in Indio, we encourage you to reach out and ask us about flexible scheduling.


There is no greater joy than sharing your talent with the world. At BassLine Music, we strive to cultivate a strong community of talented musicians in a vast range of styles. When you sign up with BassLine Music, you get much more than just access to music lessons – you get access to a like-minded and dynamic community.

The Process

Getting started with working with Mikael for guitar lessons is an easy process!

1. Discuss your goals

Let Mikael know what instrument or instruments you can play and which ones you want to improve on.

2. Get started with lessons

Join Mikael for lessons to learn more and start having fun with becoming a better musician. Begin to master your instrument!

3. Practice, practice, practice

Regular lessons combined with outside practice is the best way to advance in your musical journey.

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Your First Lesson is Free!

We want to make sure you’ll enjoy your lessons with us, that’s why we’re offering your first lesson free! Please contact us directly if you have any questions regarding our pricing and to set up your free first lesson!

Our Students Can’t Stop Strumming

At BassLine Music, we offer much more than just guitar lessons in Palm Desert; we ignite a passion for music. We are proud to be part of your musical journey and strive make the experience a fulfilling and enjoyable endeavor. Our past and current students attest to this. Here’s what they have to say:


Sharyl W.


Guitar, Keyboard, Drums

Palm Springs, CA.

Mikael is by training both a musician and a teacher and he has a wealth of knowledge and experience in teaching all levels and a variety of instruments.  Our daughter took keyboard lessons, and our son took acoustic and electric guitar lessons and some music theory as well.  The students do not “grow out” of the program, because he is equally adept at teaching beginners and advanced students and has a fully-equipped studio.

The live performance opportunities are included with the lessons, and they are well-organized and really fun to attend. Mikael also has a low-pressure but professional style that makes lessons something to look forward to, rather than dread, and he encourages and fosters each student’s unique, individual artistic expression.

Evan B.

Talent Acquisition Specialist


San Jose, CA.

Taking lessons from Mikael was one of the best things I’ve ever done in my life. I’m currently in my twenties and I took lessons from about 2007 till 2012. That’s important because I still play guitar every single day, and without Mikael’s guidance, I would not be at the level that I’m at today!

I remember learning “More Than A Feeling” by Boston and playing it at the first ever recital that Mikael put on with his students, which was such a defining moment in my life. It gave me an immense amount of confidence at such a young age, that I’ve carried with me, whether it was writing music in my dorm and performing original songs for my dorm mates, or even putting on a presentation in front of executives at my current company, years later.

Without that spark from Mikael, who knows where I would be today! Not only did he teach me guitar, but he taught my younger brother piano, so the next few recitals, you could catch us jamming out to some Journey. Once again, taking lessons from Mikael was one of the best things to ever happen to me!

Thea B.


Bass, Drums, Guitar, Banjo

La Quinta, CA.

I am so happy to have found Mikael Jacobson of BassLine Music to instruct my three sons. I have a 10-year-old who is learning banjo and guitar, an 8-year-old taking bass and a 6-year-old on drums.
Mikael’s enthusiasm and patience as an instructor is truly remarkable. He is giving my sons a solid musical foundation while also tailoring his teaching to whatever music they are excited about at the moment. Right now it’s the Ramones, last month it was AC/DC.
All three boys are making steady progress with their instruments and always look forward to their weekly lessons.

Stella B.



La Quinta, CA.

I waited 44 years to learn to play the guitar I got when I turned 16. I scoured the Coachella Valley for someone worthy of my time, my energy, and my money. Someone with exceptional musical knowledge and skill. Someone extremely patient and approachable. And most of all, someone who respected MY musical goal, which is to play well enough to put a smile on the face of that 16 yr-old me.

Based on my experience with Mikael, I’d say you can trust him with your musical dream. I did. And I’m smiling.

Gary F.

Piano Tuner

Guitar and Bass

Indio, CA.

There is nowhere in the valley that you can take lessons and find a professional recording studio with a teacher and musician of Mikael’s caliber and experience!

Thank you for making me a better guitar and bass player, I highly recommend you as a teacher to all my clients and associates!

Brayden D.


Guitar, Bass, Keys, Ukulele

I have been taking lessons from Mikael for about seven years now. I have learned guitar, bass, keys, and ukulele. I have nothing but good things to say. The way he organizes his lessons and allows time for whatever you feel like you need to do in the lesson is great, and makes learning very fun and exciting.

Aaron B.

Retail Manager

Bass, Drums, Guitar, Banjo

La Quinta, CA.

The kids come home from their music lessons absolutely on fire! Watching their progress and passion for music has been a highlight of my parenting career. Seriously. Thankful to have found Mikael.

Jill C.

Nurse Practitioner


Rancho Mirage, CA.

Since my daughter began lessons a few short months ago, she is already playing and performing with Mikael’s other talented students at community events.

Mari B.

College Student

Guitar and Keyboard

Santa Monica, CA.

One of the coolest music teachers in the desert! Mikael lets kids play what they are interested in and puts kids into awesome bands to perform music of similar interest! Going to BassLine started a life long love of music, performing and collaborating for me!

Tate W.

Wilderness Guide


Chicago, CA.

Mikael helped me figure a few things out on the guitar while I was in town for a few weeks. He has a wide range of musical knowledge and is good at communicating it! I met him through my aunt who, with Mikael’s guidance, has become pretty great on drums and piano.

Jim L.

Professional Drummer


Rancho Mirage, CA.

Mikael is by far the best music teacher in Palm Desert if you’re looking for Piano and Guitar lessons! His BassLine Music Concerts he holds for his students twice a year and his accommodations for teaching remote lessons using Zoom is far above and beyond any music teacher in the Coachella Valley! I highly recommend Mikael for any music student young or old.

Thuan N.

Social Worker


Palm Springs, CA.

Mikael makes learning acoustic guitar so much fun and challenging at the same time. The lessons are fit perfectly to my level, a total beginner, and my age, a super senior citizen 🙂 Mikael is patient, kind, supportive and flexible. Most important is the bi-annual recital/performance with all of Mikael’s students where we enjoy and share the local stage with our families, friends and community. I look forward to Mikael’s weekly classes both in person and virtual sessions, where there is no difference in quality. Thank you so much for being my music teacher. With respect and appreciation!

Learn to Play the Guitar Today

Don’t wait to support your child’s interest in music or rekindle your own long-latent daydream of strumming the guitar. BassLine’s online guitar lessons are designed to make music an enduring, joyous, and pivotal part of your life. For more information, contact us today.