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BassLine Music is the Coachella Valley’s premier musical education center for comprehensive and enjoyable piano lessons. We welcome every age, stage, and level of playing. Learn online and expand your musical capabilities with BassLine Music.

Learn the Music You Love

Music is much more than just a profession to practice, an activity to pass the time or a development tool. Music is a universal language. It exceeds the capacity of verbal expressivity, offers refuge from the speed and superficiality of modern life, and unites us. As Nietzche once said, “Without music, life would be a mistake.”

Through music, you can express and experience emotions, entertain insights, and tell stories of fear and reverence, happiness and fulfillment – or just learn to play that Elton John song you’ve always dreamt about.

No matter your motivation for learning to play the piano, BassLine owner and instructor Mikael Jacobson is prepared to take you or your child’s playing to the next level.

Step by Step Learning

BassLine Music delivers professional piano lessons in Cathedral City and the neighboring cities. Our mission is to curate a relaxed and intuitive learning experience, ensuring every student learns to play with genuine confidence and enjoyment.

With enthusiasm, encouragement, and a necessary amount of structure, Mikael tailors his lessons to each student’s unique obstacles and advantages. Our goal is to help aspiring classical pianists and casual lifelong learners alike to explore their individual musical interests with flexible scheduling and exceptional outcomes.

To learn more about piano lessons in La Quinta, Indio, and Rancho Mirage, enquire about a trial lesson today!

Virtual Piano Lessons in Palm Desert and Beyond

During the age of online learning, BassLine Music remains adaptable and dedicated to the musical interests and aspirations of our Palm Springs students. We offer online learning opportunities on FaceTime, Zoom, and Skype. Keep your progress accelerating, your practice sharp, and your interest alive with private online piano lessons for yourself or your child.

Why Choose BassLine?
In a sea of Coachella Valley music lesson providers, we strive to stand out. Our exceptional reputation is cemented by our commitments to community, flexibility, and personalization.

Mikael approaches every student with an open mind and no preconceived notions to facilitate the best possible learning experience.
The Process
Getting started

Getting started with working with Mikael for piano lessons is an easy process!

01 — Discuss your goals

Let Mikael know what instrument or instruments you can play and which ones you want to improve on.

02 — Get started with lessons

Join Mikael for lessons to learn more and start having fun with becoming a better musician. Begin to master your instrument!

03 — Practice, practice, practice

Regular lessons combined with outside practice is the best way to advance in music.

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Shelly C.
Business Owner
Cathedral City, CA.
Both of my sons took piano from Mikael but learned so much more! He is a phenomenal teacher. Not only did they learn to read music but they had the opportunity to collaborate and perform with others.

Mikael is an amazing musician who is reliable and professional. Both of my sons have different personalities and he adjusted his teaching to meet their needs.
Stella B.
La Quinta, CA.
I waited 44 years to learn to play the guitar I got when I turned 16. I scoured the Coachella Valley for someone worthy of my time, my energy, and my money. Someone with exceptional musical knowledge and skill. Someone extremely patient and approachable. And most of all, someone who respected MY musical goal, which is to play well enough to put a smile on the face of that 16 yr-old me.Based on my experience with Mikael, I’d say you can trust him with your musical dream. I did. And I’m smiling.
Brayden D.
Guitar, Bass, Keys, Ukulele
I have been taking lessons from Mikael for about seven years now. I have learned guitar, bass, keys, and ukulele. I have nothing but good things to say. The way he organizes his lessons and allows time for whatever you feel like you need to do in the lesson is great, and makes learning very fun and exciting.
Thuan N.
Social Worker
Palm Springs, CA.
Mikael makes learning acoustic guitar so much fun and challenging at the same time. The lessons are fit perfectly to my level, a total beginner, and my age, a super senior citizen 🙂 Mikael is patient, kind, supportive and flexible. Most important is the bi-annual recital/performance with all of Mikael’s students where we enjoy and share the local stage with our families, friends and community. I look forward to Mikael’s weekly classes both in person and virtual sessions, where there is no difference in quality. Thank you so much for being my music teacher. With respect and appreciation!

Learn to Play the Piano Today

Don’t wait to support your child’s interest in the piano or rekindle your own long-lost desire to play. We provide the best piano lessons in Indio and the surrounding Palm Springs cities, designed to make music a joyous and pivotal part of your life.

$100 per hour | $50 half hour