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Best Music Classes for Kids in Palm Springs

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Conduct a Google search for “music classes for kids near me” and you’re likely to find a wide range of options. From freelance instructors to full-time music schools, it can be difficult to find the best program for your kiddo.

Fortunately, your search for music classes is made easier when you’re able to compare your options side by side. 

Why Sign Your Child Up for Music Classes?

Music education has become an important objective for today’s schools and parents – both in terms of expanding kids’ interests in music and helping them learn more effectively.

In fact, learning a new instrument can bring a range of benefits for a child’s development, interpersonal skills, and personal growth.

  • Higher graduation rate. Schools with music programs have an estimated 90.2% graduation rate, compared to schools without music education, which average 72.9% in graduation. [Source]
  • Lower drug use. Students who participate in band or orchestra have the lowest levels of alcohol, tobacco, and illicit drug use. [H. Con. Res. 266, United States Senate]
  • Brings the family closer together. Nine out of ten adults and teenagers who make music together agree that creating music brings the family closer together. [Music Making and Our Schools, American Music Conference]
  • Enhances learning. Studies have found that music enhances the process of learning – including a child’s integrated sensory, attention, cognitive, emotional, and motor capacities. [Konrad, R.R., Empathy, Arts and Social Studies]
  • Improve college entrance scores. The College Entrance Examination Board found that students in music programs scored an average of 63 points higher on verbal and 44 points higher on math than students with no arts participation. [College-Bound Seniors National Report: Profile of SAT Program Test Takers. Princeton, NJ: The College Entrance Examination Board]

Top Music Programs Near You

Kids music lessons are easy to come by – if you know where to look. Google, Facebook, and even Instagram are ripe with options. These range from private lessons to group programs to elite music academies.

If you’re searching for kids music programs in Palm Springs, CA, you're in the right place!

BassLine Music

BassLine Music is an online and Palm Springs-based music school specializing in music lessons for kids (5th-12th grade) and adults. 

We teach lessons to young and aspiring musicians of every skill level – Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. We teach our students how to play the songs they love without overlooking the fundamentals. Make music together with piano, guitar, drum, ukulele, and other instruments.

Musician and teacher Mikael Jacobson brings over 45 years of experience to teach students everything from the basics to advanced musical skills. He has an extensive educational background – with degrees in traditional music performance, composition, recording technology, and film scoring.

Mikael’s background as a sound engineer and band and orchestra member allows him to coach his students hands-on skills based on real-world experience.

About BassLine Music

Music Lessons for Kids of All Ages

If you’re looking to enroll your child in early childhood music lessons or music lessons for elementary to high school aged children, you have a range of options to choose from. 

At BassLine Music, we provide award winning private music lessons – both online and in-person – for students of all ages. Here are the various programs we have to offer: 

Online Lessons

We’re happy to provide online / virtual kids music classes as an adaptable alternative to in-person classes. Mikael Jacobson is available to teach piano, guitar, drums, bass, and more online.

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Private Music Lessons

We believe music plays a vital role in helping children learn and grow by developing a valuable skill while learning hard work, focus, and dedication. Our private lessons allow students to build a relationship with their instructor that’s equal parts instruction, support, and encouragement. 

See why our students LOVE our private lessons:

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Piano Lessons

BassLine Music is Palm Springs’ premier musical education center for piano lessons for all ages. We welcome every stage and level of experience. Through engaging piano lessons, students learn to play the songs they love while mastering the fundamentals of piano.

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Guitar Lessons

Music teacher Mikael Jacobson is adept at teaching both adults and children the basics of guitar, as well as advanced techniques to take students to the next level. Learn more about our in-person and online guitar lessons for kids or adults.

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Ukulele Lessons

Is your child interested in learning a unique and culturally-rich instrument? Mikael Jacobson also teaches ukulele lessons to kids and adults of all skill levels. 

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Bass Lessons

We’re all about that bass over here! Sign your kid up to learn this fun and versatile instrument from our award winning instructor. Find bass lessons for kids in Palm Springs and online.

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Drum Lessons

The drums combines music and movement to help kids learn rhythm and coordination – all while breaking a sweat! Inspire your kid to pursue their own “garage band” fantasy with our drum lessons.

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Music Production

Our music production classes are a unique offering for students looking to make music in a different way. Using today’s best techniques and technology, students learn to produce music by combining various sounds, instruments, and vocals. 

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Book a Music Class Near You

If you're looking for a music class for adults or early childhood music classes in your area, we can help. We're passionate about helping families make music together by offering instruction to musicians of all ages. 

Have fun, rock out online, grow in our community, and more with our online and Palm Springs-based classes.


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